Mike Z.

Every time I think I have "my" photographic style down pat, I find a new gadget that inspires me to see photography in a whole new way. My most recent metamorphosis took place when I discovered neutral density filters. I went from taking hockey, roller derby and car-racing photos that demonstrated speed and freezing the moment, to using a tripod to take 3-minute exposures to transform a seascape into a surreal work of art. I produced so many awe-inspiring works in the first half of 2014 that I just had my first ever one-man show at a local winery. I think that during this most recent transformation (and the resulting reaction from the public), I've graduated from "inspiration" to "compulsion" and I'm loving every minute. The more I learn about new photographic techniques and innovations, the larger my toolkit to express my unique artistic vision. I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

Los Angeles, CA

Ji Hoon H.

Atlanta, GA

Greg S.

Portland, OR

My mother was diagnosed with cancer for as long as I can remember. A decade ago, I remember my father telling me that there was less than 10% chance of survival when she was first diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. In 2012, she was diagnosed again with Stage IV bone cancer and despite the fact that it was terminal, she kept on going and is still surviving! She’s been through more chemotherapy than anyone I can imagine and yet, she wakes up every morning with a smile on her face. I never could quite understand how she was able to stay so happy despite the fact that she was in constant pain at all times. My mother’s amazingly positive reaction to cancer has impacted me and inspired me in such a way to continue to grow as a photographer. She explained to me that such small things like having toe nails or having feelings in the tip of your fingertips is a blessing that I must come to appreciate. Every time I am able to push down on that shutter button of my camera, I appreciate the opportunity that not everyone has. She inspires me to become a better photographer and most importantly a better person.

I find the night sky absolutely breathtaking and the sad truth is fewer and fewer people on this planet are able to see it in its full majesty. To be able to capture the night sky and give others a glimpse of the beauty that is right over their heads is amazing and inspires me to keep pushing myself. I’m driven to continuously grow to create stronger photographs which are seen as a portal into another captivating world. I strive to make images that lure in the viewer and invite them to explore the scene. Yearning to make and share photographs of this relatively unseen beauty is what inspires me to grow as a photographer.