Hi I'm ashley, I decided to go on the Atkins diet because I wasn't feeling myself I was never over weight till my senior year of high school I lost mostly all my weight my freshman year of college and I am now a junior and keeping all my weight off thanks to the atkin shakes and bars. I couldn't have done this without Atkins and the support from my family and friends
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Dear Atkins, my name is Monica and I was born and raised in San Antonio Texas. I am a huge advocate for the Atkins way of living. I have always struggled with my weight and have tried several diets, I would give up on them and put the weight back on and more; then I gave the Atkins a try and have been faithfully committed, it has been a little over a year that I made the decision to live the Atkins way. I have lost the most weight on Atkins then any other diet I have tried. I have about thirty or so more pounds to go for my goal weight but have never felt this confident. My body has transformed in so many ways and for that I am ever grateful. I love that you dont starve yourself and really enjoy the treat bars and candies! I recently incorporated a workout regimen for energy and it has helped. Thank you Atkins for making a difference in my life and helping me gain control over my weight and overall health and well being. Atkins you have and always will be a blessing in my life! If I am not selected as a winner, I have already won in many ways, thank you again! Go Atkins!!
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My boyfriend and I made a challenge with each other. I would lose weight if he quit smoking. So far I'm winning the bet since I've lost 30lbs and he still sneaks cigarettes.
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I remember being teased about my weight since 1st grade. Its been a struggle all my life. I fit the 190 mark by 7th grade by the end of 8th I was over 200. I don't know what I would look like as a "skinny" woman because I have always been this way. I remember in 5th grade the school nurse told me to loose weight. I weighed 150 in the start of the yr. No one helped me they just told me to loose the weight and every week I was to be Weighed in the nurses office. I started off cutting out candy and sweets and ended with starving myself. I ate an apple a day to get to 120. I remember weighing 120 at the middle of 5th grade and by the end of the year at the age of 11 I weighed 145. I gave up. I started bingeing and then starving. I didn't know what I was doing. You cant expect a child to know how to loose weight. I believe I weighed about 273 by the age of 18 and by 25 after my first child I found myself struggling to balance a healthy life style and being a single mom. By my second child at the age of 27 I weighed 289. So by 30 it was time to start Atkins. ps In my before photo Im the one in blue and I have to say it was hard to find I never took full body photos of myself until now!
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I have tried several diets but Atkins is what has brought me to my goal weight. After having by baby girl in 2011, the weight just kept packing on. People I hadn't seen in along time didn't recognize me from all the weight I had gained and I knew it was time for a change. I basically got the Atkins app and followed it. I must say that the Atkins meals, shakes, and bars helped me out tremendously. All of the Atkins foods are delicious. Thanks Atkins for my successful weight loss. I feel great and have a ton of energy. Atkins is my way of life now and not just a diet.
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I'm a walking advertisment for Atkins. Anyone who has seen/met me in the past 8 years knows I was a bit "heavier". I'm stopped constantly, to be asked "what have you been doing?" Or "you look great!". They are always surprised when I tell them about Atkins. How easy this lifestyle can be. Ive always been a slave to food, espcially sugars. Ive never been succesful in weightloss because of self control and commitment but I found Atkins to come to naturally. Friends and family have joined since watching my success. It feels good to be a bit of an inspiration to them. I feel amazing and learning to love myself again. I'm so happy to have found Atkins; to have my freedom back.
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