On August 5, 2012 I made the decision to change my life. I started off slowly; I gave up sodas & sweet tea. Each week I made a new healthy change, eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day, giving up fast food, walking 30 minutes and working my way up. I started eating Atkins protein bars for breakfast and adding in Atkins snacks and eating everything I loved in moderation. Having so many Atkins products to choose from made it easy to curb my appetite and reach my first goal. I lost 9 lbs the first month and it gave me the motivation that I needed to continue on my journey to a new lifestyle. That is exactly what it was, it was not a diet, I had to change my lifestyle and not return to the unhealthy habits I had formed over the years. I lost 60 lbs the first year. I still have about 60 lbs that I would like to lose and I will continue working hard until I reach my goals.
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My story is fairly simple. I was fat and have been most of my life. I carried the extra weight from childhood into adulthood. I had tried many, many diets through the years without much success. I had pain every day from the extra weight not to mention high blood pressure. I would pay my son to rub my feet and legs in the evenings because of the pain. I had heard of the Atkins process and decided to give it a try. It was fairly easy to follow but no bread and potatoes was tuff, especially when you are in the south! I followed the lifestyle change of Atkins and the weight came rolling off. I have adjusted it accordingly and can maintain my weight well. It is truly a lifestyle change for any who try it. If I have a bit of something that is "carby" it doesn't settle with me and I just say no to myself. Oh, my Doctor ordered a full panel of bloodwork and all across the board I am in the normal range! I tell everyone that I can what the Atkins program has done for me. Atkins has changed my life! Thank you for considering my entry.
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I had that Aha was around my birthday , I decided I am gonna loose weight and get a better job this year. And I have succeeded but my journey is only half done...I need to loose 61 more lbs...and I Can do it! I quit my job at Mcds after getting a job at Spectrum Hospital . I Clean Patients rooms so it's like getting paid for a workout..I love my new body and I love my new job!!! Whoot whoot thank you Dr. Atkins for starting all this with your voice of reason :0)
54 lbs Baby!!!
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My journey started back in 2009, after seeing some holiday pictures of me. I knew I had to make a change. Diabetes is high in my family and I didn't want to leave this world like that. I started off slow, just going to the local fitness center. I did research and found Atkins. I did the 1st phase and knew this was for me. It was hard but the rewards were great! I started running, I have ran 3 half marathons and lots of 5k and 10ks. When I first started I couldn't even run one mile! Then I discovered Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and once again fell in love. Something about the combat side really lets me get out the days frustration and the other side makes me use my brain to think and set up my traps and escapes. It's so awesome! I wish everyone would try it once and they'd see how great it is. Whether you're looking to compete or somethi to get you off the couch. It's for everyone! My weight with Atkins has really been awesome. I started off at 265, I'm currently at 205 and I feel great! I've added lots of muscle as well.
60 pounds
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weightloss despite personal stress and adversity, the challenge continues but i won't be deterrred
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I was feeling miserable about myself. I looked terrible in photos! I decided it was time I lost weight and started taking better care of myself. I decided I was going to start living the Atkins life style. The weight came off quickly and has stayed off. I feel better and look better. And I have more energy! I tell everyone how easy this is!
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